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Metamenu trying something new with menus on Blu-ray discs

Matt Burns

Who out there hates the current DVD menus? Anyone? We don't but that doesn't stop us from being intrigued by Metamenu's novel approach. A few studios have selected them to include their new system on select Blu-ray titles (Crash and T2). You see the difference is that when the disc is inserted, there is a 20-sec orientation video (you can skip that by hitting enter, play or skip) and then your film starts. No menu to navigate through or anything like that, just your movie. Now this is not to say there isn't menu's at all VCR style but rather overlays of the video where you can select other options like chapters or the features. This seems cool and all but we really need to peep this in action before passing judgment on it. Keep in mind that this isn't HD DVD's iHD or Blu-ray's BD-J but rather just a proprietary menu system. Metamenu does have a 'demo' on their site and it kind of gives your the feel of the system. We do have some screen shots of it in action after the jump if that is your type of thing though.

This system is currently available on the Blu-ray release of Crash. Someone out there must have used this system then. Thoughts?

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