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LG's KH1000 HSDPA slider for KTF

Chris Ziegler

It looks like SK Telecom and KTF are locked in a heated battle for Korean HSDPA supremacy, with both carriers having launched their 3.5G networks in the last month. So far, equipment is a toss-up, KTF having received a reskin of SK's Samsung SCH-W200 and now this, LG's KH1000, a remake of their SH100 for SK. LG takes a cue from Samsung here, swapping color schemes and d-pads, but leaving the phone's innards intact (as best we can tell). Besides simply looking better than its Samsung stablemate, the KH1000 wins the cool factor, sporting an additional degree of slider freedom for two -- count 'em, two -- keypads on the bottom and right of the phone. Naturally, the KH1000 isn't expected outside Korea, but we're pretty sure we couldn't pony up the cash for it anyhow.

[Via Mobile Magazine]

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