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Sanyo's kid-safe SCP-2400 for Sprint

Chris Ziegler

When we were young'uns, we walked eight miles to grade school in waist-deep snow, and if we had to get in touch with our folks, we did it the old fashioned way: with a quarter and a pay phone. And we liked it. Times are changing, though, and virtually every carrier has come to the table with a kid-friendly service, device, or both. This time it's Sanyo's turn, bringing the SCP-2400 in five tasty colors with an integrated parental control feature. The software allows parents to enter in a list of phone numbers the user is allowed to call and / or receive calls from, restrict data usage, and hopefully turn off texting to prevent the ridiculously early onset of RSI. The SCP-2400 drops into the weary hands of parents with excessive phone bills in early July for $29.99 on contract after rebates.

[Via Slashphone]

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