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Waterproof meets FOMA: the SO902iWP+

Chris Ziegler

If we had a dollar for every story we've heard of a flushed cellphone, we'd have, like, ten dollars. NTT DoCoMo's new alphabet soup, the SO902iWP+, may not get you your phone back if it makes its way to your town's sewage system, but it might just be working when it finally gets fished out. Besides sporting the usual FOMA goodies like a stunning UI on a QVGA display, camera, and music player, the candybar is waterproof for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. We're not sure who makes the SO902iWP+ for NTT, but since it includes both a Memory Stick Duo slot and FeliCa support, we have our guesses.

[Via Mobile Magazine]

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