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My Secret Life as (another) Rogue

Jennie Lees

Like Elizabeth, I've taken to levelling up a rogue recently. In fact, she was the third character I ever created; having sat neglected for months, she's finally back in the game.

Having played a druid (or rogue wannabe) for so long, it's really interesting seeing what the rogue class is really like. I've long envied the lockpick and vanish abilities, as well as the crucially-useful Sap.

I'm still in my teens, but so far I'm enjoying it. I'm no stranger to up-close-and-personal melee, though staying behind the target for maximum damage is becoming an artform in itself. I often forget that I can't heal myself (though I carry bandages and potions), and Sprint with Evasion become very useful at such moments.

The abilites available to even a teenage rogue, such as Kick and Evasion, make me realise quite how incomparable a feral druid is to a well-played rogue. While in catform I generally only use about four skills, but I use almost everything when playing my rogue. On the other hand, I miss other druid abilities, such as the versatility of shapeshifting -- in a sticky group situation I've found myself reaching for the bearform key, only to be disappointed.

I've got a lot to learn about damage dealing and the art of stunlocking, but I'm enjoying the ride so far.

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