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UTStarcom goes dual-mode with GSM / CDMA T66

Chris Ziegler

The dual-mode concept is a big deal in Asia where carriers like China Unicom have both GSM and CDMA networks floating around, and it looks like UTStarcom wants to cash in with its T66 clamshell. The press release claims the T66 sports not one, but two 2.6-inch displays (we're having a hard time picturing that), music player, 1.3 megapixel camera, and "MP3 broadcasting" and is destined for China Unicom's World Wind dual-mode service. The T66's major selling point is apparently its ability to stand by on both networks simultaneously, a feature missing from first-generation World Wind devices. No word on availability outside China, which doesn't necessarily break our hearts -- but we have to admit, we're a little curious about the "MP3 broadcasting" feature. An FM transmitter, perhaps?

[Via Mobilewhack]

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