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Cricket-controlled Pac-Man


It looks like hamsters aren't the only critters that have found themselves as unwitting accomplices is some mad game designer's grand scheme to find a less artificial intelligence. Recently, grad student Wim van Eck turned to crickets to add a bit more unpredictability to a game of Pac-Man, casting them in the role of the lowly ghosts against a human-controlled Pac. There's few details about how the system actually works, but it seems that the crickets actually proved to be more worthy adversaries than your typical AI-controlled enemy: at one point, a particularly clever "ghost" decided to shed its skin, probably knowing full well that it would become invisible to the game's color-based detection system. Not bad, now how about a centipede-controlled version of Centipede, Wim?

[Via Pasta & Vinegar]

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