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CNET Asia: Yet another 1080p vs 1080i article

Matt Burns

O.K. we know this has been a topic of discusion before, but with Blu-ray and HD DVD here, it is definitly a good time to bring it back up. The classic 1080i vs 1080p argument. CNET Asia lays it out nice and easy for people to read. In the end though, they draw the same conclusion as everyone else though. If you are looking for bigger then a 60-inch, the extra resolution will make a huge difference as long as you give the HDTV the very best signal from your source. The smaller sets, lets say around 40 to 46-inches, meh, you really don't need it. If you notice a sharper picture it is probally due to the denser pixals that relate to how close you sit and not the higher resolution. Oh, and the article does point out a big stumbling block of 1080p HDTVs. Some don't accept the 1080p signal. *cough* Sony XBR1 SXRDs *cough*

In the end is 1080p really that important? No, unless it is a very large screen.

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