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Samsung is back with new robo-vacs

We hope you're taking notes, kids. Only when you have a large Samsung display, powered by a Samsung A/V receiver, powered by a Samsung Blu-ray drive, and accompanied by a Samsung speaker system -- so that you can watch vegetation in HD with your children while a robot does your housework -- then and only then will you be happy. To help complete that picture of domestic bliss, Samsung is releasing some new robo-vacs, and they're not looking too shabby. With design by Zairo, whomever that is, Samsung is putting those bulky curves to good use, since the bots are a bit smarter than average. Not only can they map out their cleaning area to optimize cleaning times, but they'll return home to their charger when they're getting low on juice, and can even be remotely activated for the ultimate in geeky housekeeping fun. Samsung's vacuums, the VC-RS60 and VC-RS60H (to be honest, we don't know the difference other than the "premium" title), run at a relatively speedy 1.3-feet per second, and can manage about an hour of work before a charge. The two models go for $936 and $1,042 respectively, with no word on availability in the States, but we think we'd be waiting for a price drop anyways.

[Via Akihabara]

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