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Practice safe dialing with "Skins"

Chris Ziegler

In this harsh, dirty, unforgiving world we all call home, damaged and destroyed mobiles are a reality we can't easily escape -- unless you have 75 microns of latex between your phone and its surroundings, that is. Innovalife of The Netherlands is marketing "Skins," a tube-shaped rubbery apparatus designed to be rolled around your phone to provide near-total protection from "water, dirt, mud, paint, sweat, blood, snow and much more." Apparently, there is a slight loss in sound quality, but the phone remains otherwise completely functional. The Skins are available in a variety of colors for the kind of stylish protection today's youngsters, butchers, and painters demand -- yes, butchers and painters are a major part of Skins' target demographic. Unfortunately, we're going to have to roll the dice with our naked phones; we're guessing clamshells aren't invited to the party, and we don't think we get splashed with enough blood to encase our beautiful devices in thick, impersonal rubber anyway.

[Via The Register]

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