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HTC TyTN (Hermes) gets a possible ship date

Chris Ziegler

We may not be able to pronounce the name of HTC's self-branded variant of the Hermes -- TyTN -- but we will be able to rock one toward the end of this month, if Expansys' UK site is to be trusted. Expansys is showing an alleged July 17 availability date for the device, and while our European friends are already well-acquainted with its imminent availability in several flavors of carrier, this could be the only shot Americans have at 1900MHz UMTS smartphone goodness until it officially drops on Cingular in the fall (knock on wood). The Hermes is physically a dead ringer for the Wizard it replaces, but mercifully upgrades the woefully underclocked OMAP to a 400MHz Samsung piece, adds a second camera for video calling, and bumps the primary to 2 megapixels. The price north of $1,000 USD might seem stratospheric to most of us, but we suspect we can find a few Wizard-toting folks willing to shed it to get themselves out of EDGE purgatory.

[Thanks, Daniel S.]

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