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Mid-Midsummer Fire Report

Mike D'Anna

Well, the festival of Midsummer Fire has been going on for a while now, and I have to admit, I basically forgot about it after about a day...

Oh, I took the quests to seek out the fires throughout the lands, and I did get that really nifty Cinder Elemental that saved my butt a couple of times, and some nice experience, but all in all, my opinion on the event so far has been...blah.

For one thing, I'm tired of Stormwind looking all dingy & smoky. This is one of the reasons I stopped spending so much time in Orgrimmar; the air is almost thicker in the game than in my room...and that's saying something.

What about you folks? Have you enjoyed the event so far? Should Blizzard make this an annual occurrence? Chime in...

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