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360 games top the rental charts


Gamasutra has posted the 10 most requested games from Gamefly this week, and the list leans heavily toward our favorite curvy, white box. A full five of the top spots are occupied by 360 exclusives (six if you count the 360 version of BFMEII). Xboxic has gone to the trouble of making a numbered list, which I will politely steal utilize:

  1. Chromehounds (360 exclusive)
  2. Prey (360/PC)
  3. Over G Fighters (360 exclusive)
  4. LotR: Battle for Middle Earth 2 (360 version)
  5. Dead Rising (360 exclusive)
  6. NCAA Football 2007 (multi)
  7. Hitman: Blood Money (multi)
  8. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (PS2)
  9. Gears of War (360 exclusive)
  10. Call of Duty 3 (PC/next-gen)
Look at that list for a second. Notice anything? That's right, four 360 exclusives that haven't even been released -- Chromehounds, Prey, Dead Rising, and Gears of War -- are in the top 10. That means these games are more requested than games people could actually be playing right now. Crazy, no?

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