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LG intros Shuffle-esque UP3 Sharp and Flat DAPs

Evan Blass

They say that you shouldn't fix what's not broken, which is probably why we see so many MP3 players on the market taking "design cues" from the iPod family, and now LG has introduced two more models that bear a striking resemblance to Apple's flash-based Shuffle (except for the color, obviously, although the original UP3 did indeed come in white). Both the UP3 Sharp and UP3 Flat pack either 512MB or 1GB of storage into that familiar looking package, with each unit supporting MP3, WMA, OGG, and ASF file formats. The differences here lie in the devices' displays (or lack thereof) and their battery life: the OLED-equipped Sharp (pictured above) gets two less hours of juice than the screen-less, 10-hour-rated Flat (pictured after the break). Expect to see both models in stores before the end of the month, but probably only in Korea.

Read- UP3 Sharp
Read- UP3 Flat
[Via The MP3 Players]

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