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Scitec IR-001W RECIVA Internet Radio


Internet radio seems to be taking a foothold in Japan judging by the latest wares from Yamaha and Denon. Now England's RECIVA have stepped up to carve out some turf with the Scitec IT-001W which is almost certainly based on the same RECIVA reference design as that AE WiFi radio seen previously. However, the IT-001W brings the "g" in addition to that 802.11b WiFi, WEP 64/128 and WPA protection, and is capable of pumping out MP3/WMA/Real Audio/Ogg Vorbis/AAC/AU/AIF/WAV (PCM) audio formats streamed from any of the estimated 10,000 internet radio stations on the planet. Best of all, it's subscription free and RECIVA takes care of all the station updates daily so they show up on that 126 x 64 pixel display already sorted by country and genre. Oh, and did we mention it'll stream audio from your PC too? Well it does, presumably via UPnP but they don't specify. Expected in Japan July 12th for about ¥30,000 or $259.

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