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Use your Apple power adapter duck with other adapters

Dan Lurie

macosxhints brings us another juicy tid-bit of information, this time pertaining to a sneaky way to save space when packing all your electronics for a trip. When I travel for more than a few days, I pack 3 power-bricks that all use the same standard two pronged power interface that is so common with consumer electronics. Rogue Monk figured out that the Apple power duck (no, I'm not sure if thats the technical term, but it works for me), that little adapter head with the flip out metal tabs that you find on your iPod adapter, 'Book adapter, and Airport Express will fit in this standard plug. Now, I'm not sure what one does if they want to use more than one of the adapters they packed at a time, but it's a cool idea none-the-less.

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