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Vista no longer needs a NTSC tuner

Matt Burns

Our long time friend, Kevin C. Tofel, has been keeping us up-to-date with his latest crusade and it appears that he was victorious. Kevin has been following Vista's ridiculous NTSC requirement for some time and is now reporting that Microsoft has dropped it. (to be honest though, we kind of knew it was coming) Vista now allows an ATSC tuner to setup Media Center in the latest build of Vista. (5456) Previous versions would not allow a person to use a digital tuner for this which raised some big flags across the 'net. Didn't Microsoft know that on February 17, 2009 those analog tuners would be obsolete? Sure, there were ways around it, but that involved installing an NTSC tuner for the setup and then later swapping it for an ATSC one; you shouldn't have to do that.

Well, you don't anymore 'cause Vista now works nicely with ATSC tuners!

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