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HDNet to release their first HD DVD titles

Matt Burns

HD DVD continues to roll on and today it is thanks to the vast library of shows from HDNet. Four discs are set to come from Mark Cuban's network next week exclusively via its online store. First up is The Best of GetOut! Volume 1 and then also, The Best of GetOut! Volume 2. In case you don't have HDNet, GetOut! is half travel show and half 'look at the pretty girls' show. The ladies take you to all the different night clubs and exciting exciting worldwide while hosting the show in nothing more then a bikini. It's down with taste though - well, sometimes... HDNet is also releasing two installments from HDNet World Report. There isn't any word yet on what these 'Best of' will include, but chances are they will be worth the money.

The network isn't going to stop there. Oh no. They plan on releasing nearly a 100 titles in the coming months and years on HD DVD. Oh and yeah, they have plans to release "The Best of Bikini Destinations" Nice.

These discs will only be available from HDNet's online store at first, but we have good money that they will make their way onto Amazon shortly. They will retail for $14.99 and you can pre-order them now.

[via High-Def DVD Digest]

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