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Awesomely fake GTA 4 pic

Joystiq Staff

What is it with wannabe Internet celebs circulating fake pictures of games and hardware? Do they need attention that bad? The latest hot target of illegitimate screen grabs seems to be Grand Theft Auto 4. Last month we saw a little GTA 4 fakeness nugget complete with urinating dog and visions of gore from a ball and chain weapon. Now, we got this one above from a GTA 4 forum.

It's like they're not even trying anymore. There's not much to see in this "screenshot," but notice the Rockstar North "official" lettering in the bottom left that just cries for legitimacy. Of course, we don't know 100% for sure that this is a fake, but don't hold your breath that it's not.

[Thanks, PacBoy23]

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