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Fraser Speirs clears up FlickrExport licensing confusion

David Chartier

It sounds like confusion has arisen over how FlickrExport's licensing terms work; specifically, how many licenses one needs to purchase, and for which machines. To help simplify things, Fraser has adopted terms like The Omni Group uses, which I personally applaud: a user can purchase one license and use it on two machines; for example, a desktop and a notebook (though both licenses can't be in use simultaneously). On the other hand, a business can't purchase ten licenses for twenty employees, even if no more than ten copies of FlickrExport are in use at any given time.

Read up on Fraser's blog post for an update and a more in-depth explanation of the simplified terms, and if you're one of the confused users who doesn't need an extra license or two that you purchased, Fraser will be personally contacting you to offer a refund.

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