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HD DVD and Blu-ray movies released on July 11th 2006

Ben Drawbaugh

Blu-ray was off to a great start and now has slowed down and HD DVD takes advantage of that by releasing a few popular titles this week. Any guy can understand why we are excited about Dukes of Hazzard. Once again the titles all seem to be aimed at men, which isn't a big surprise.

This is an interesting week because it is the first time we have seen the same titles released for both formats. Both Guitarscape Planet and View from Space... have been previously released on HD DVD. I am not sure who is excited about these titles, but they are worth picking up just to compare the two formats.

This brings the total to HD DVD 44 vs Blu-ray 16.

Basic Instinct 2 (Sony)
Guitarscape Planet (Concert Hot Spot)
View from Space... (Concert Hot Spot)

Classical Touch Beethoven
Classical Touch Chopin
Classical Touch Mozart
Classical Touch Tchaikovsky
Dukes of Hazzard (Warner)
Enter the Dragon (Warner)
Friday Night Lights (Universal)
Pitch Black (Universal)

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