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HD wirelessly over 802.11n

Erik Hanson

Chip producer Metalink and television manufacturer Haier have demonstrated sending multiple high-definition streams wirelessly over 802.11n at SINOCES, the Asian Consumer Electronics Show winding down today in China. While broadcasting HD over the air is nothing new, they have integrated the chipset directly into the TV, and claim to be the first to send multiple HD streams to sets around your house simultaneously. Of course, there is nothing in the press release to expand on these statements or the details of the test, and I suspect they were simply sending the same stream to all the HDTVs, and not different streams to different sets, which is what most people would want in a whole–house distribution network.

The question remains, is it worth it for the hardware manufacturers of set-top boxes, DVRs, television sets to buy n–based chipsets for their equipment, or should we wait for something more - say, WiMax or ultra wideband?

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