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LG preparing another Chocolate-like phone

Chris Ziegler

LG is really running with the checkerboard keypad theme these days as details are beginning to emerge on the KG99, a candybar with fairly obvious Chocolate roots. No word on whether the phone falls into LG's Black Label category, but at 95 x 52 x 9.9mm, it seems chic enough for the task. Specs are unconfirmed at this point, but the phone is reported to sport triband GSM (sorry yanks, no 850), a 220 x 176 display, microSD slot, Bluetooth, and an FM radio. Now granted, as a fashion phone, we may not be the KG99's target demographic, but the specs still feel a bit weak to us -- we're going to wait a few weeks and see what else is in the checkerboard pipeline.

[Via Slashphone]

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