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World's largest 103-inch Panasonic plasma goes on sale in Japan

Matt Burns

We don't think anybody every thought this day was coming. Panasonic is now taking orders for their big and bad 103-inch plasma. You may remember this gigantic screen as the plasma that was just one inch larger than Samsung's when it was announced. Panasonic has modest plans for the big guy too. They are expecting to sell 5,000 of the "World's Largest" per year and even though they haven't announced a price yet, we could see this. It is not only uber-rich consumers that buy these massive screens as even Louis Vuitton's Paris retail store uses the now modest sized 71-inch LG panel.

There isn't a price set yet for the beast but we can except it to be a bit pricey - to the tune of a fully loaded Caddy. Oh, and Panasonic has been mum on US release details.

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