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Cingular calls class action suit "without merit"

Chris Ziegler

And now we take a moment to visit our "obvious corporate response" department, going back to the class action suit filed last week against Cingular alleging deterioration in the quality of AT&T Wireless' legacy network following their acquisition. It seems Cingular is in staunch disagreement with the grievances, citing a laundry list of post-acquisition improvements in infrastructure totaling "nearly $10 billion." Though we don't have a lot of sympathy for TDMA users still trying to limp along with their prehistoric handsets, Cingular's rebuttal appears to be peripheral to the case at best, bringing up catch phrases like "fewer dropped calls" and "improved churn." Moreover, Cingular is talkin' some smack back at the class action's lead lawyer, saying "we are considering our options with respect to the false and misleading statements made to the media" -- sounds like a countersuit in the making to us. Who knew TDMA could get folks so worked up years after its obsolescence?

[Thanks, Dave]

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