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easyMobile pulling out of Netherlands

Darren Murph

Obviously the Netherlands is not a country you want to fire up a cell phone service in and try a "let's please everyone" approach; with over 40 virtual operators (including mobile giant Orange) battling for business, it's a tough nut to crack. easyMobile found out the hard way; launched just last year, the company consistently missed sales targets and simply couldn't attract customers away from other providers. Maybe it was because the easyGroup was too busy focusing on their empire of other startups, or maybe easyMobile just tried to be something they weren't by mimicking Orange. Either way, a notice on their official website has informed current subscribers that service will be halted on August 1, 2006 and for them to be seeking another carrier. While they're still striving in Germany and the UK, there's no doubt the markets are saturated, and we're fairly certain this won't be the last MVNO shuttering in 2006.

[Via The Register]

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