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G3 iMac good enough for casual user?

Scott McNulty

The CRT iMacs will always hold a special place in my heart since my first Mac was a 'Blueberry' iMac (yes, I know the picture accompanying this post isn't a Blueberry iMac, it is an Indigo iMac) which is still being used today by my decidedly non-technical mother.

However, does a five year old 400mz G3 iMac, that sports a processor that is three generations behind current offerings (G4, G5, and Core Duo) still cut the mustard for a casual user of OS X? According to Eugenia Loli-Queru, of OS News, it sure does. Tiger isn't as slow as you might think it would be (though that sentence is as horrible as you think it is) and for surfing the web and checking email the G3 iMac is a solid machine.

So, dear TUAW readers, anyone out there have a G3 with OS X on it as their main machine? How is it holding up?

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