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North American HD DVD Promotional Group to showcase "The Look and Sound of Perfect"


We've had much to criticize about the HD DVD rollout as movies and players have slowly trickled onto shelves, sometimes with only a few days notice. Hopefully those haphazard days are behind us as Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video, Paramount Home Entertainment, HP, Intel, Microsoft and Toshiba have formed the North American HD DVD Promotional Group (not to be confused with the existing HD DVD Promotions Group). Their new tagline is "The Look and Sound of Perfect", which we can expect to have drilled into our heads by a $150 million marketing campaign this holiday season. If that wasn't enough, the roadshow will be returning, courtesy of a an 18-wheeler called the HD DVD Mobile Experience, coming to your town equipped with players, laptops and an Xbox 360 to show off what they can do.

You can check out their promotional website (warning: sound) and begin the brainwashing directly.

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