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Pioneer's PureMalt S-A4SPT-VP speakers: whiskey makes 'em better


You loved those JVC sake-soaked speakers right? Only, the smell of that warm fermented rice elixir is a painful mnemonic of some woeful, Golden-Gai excess you'd sooner forget. Yeah, us too. Then check the latest rev of the "PureMalt" speaker line-up from Pioneer made from the 100 year old oak used to barrel-age whiskey (or is that whisky?) before retiring in your bookshelf HiFi.  As to the specs, well, if this is the kind of marketing ploy that appeals to you, then do you really care about the inclusion of Pioneer's Technical Audio Devices (TAD) technology usually found in their professional speakers? Didn't think so. The S-A4SPT-VP goes on sale in August for ¥48,000 or about a $421 equiv for the pair.

[Via Impress]

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