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Qualcomm announces ITC's probe of Nokia

Chris Ziegler

Apparently, Qualcomm was serious when they asked Nokia to halt sales of GSM phones in the US a few weeks ago, triumphantly announcing that the US International Trade Commission (ITC) has now gotten in on the action. The ITC is looking into whether Nokia is in violation of the six patents Qualcomm claims them to be, presumably some of the same CDMA-related patents that have come up several times before -- patents that Nokia licenses for its CDMA handsets, but GSM and UMTS devices (which apparently tread on the same patent work) are not covered by the agreement. With Nokia potentially phasing out its CDMA business citing (in part) unfair licensing terms with Qualcomm, they don't exactly have the option of going the same route on the GSM front, so this battle looks set to play out to the bitter end. Meanwhile, we're going to start hoarding N93s in case things go south in a hurry.

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