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Top ten supplemental blogging apps

Scott McNulty

Chances are if I am sitting at my Mac I am blogging (perhaps not for TUAW, but for some blog somewhere) and so this list of the top ten supplemental blogging apps for OS X caught my eye.

The apps that make the cut are:

A fairly good list, though it doesn't cover some of the apps I use whilst blogging. After the jump you'll find my list of blogging apps I can't blog without.

  1. Camino: Simply my favorite browser on OS X.
  2. NetNewsWire: Sure, NewsFire is prettier but it just doesn't handle my 600 plus feed list in a usable way, but I have come to rely on reading though stories and opening them in tabs within NNW, without cluttering up my browser window.
  3. MarsEdit: Made by the folks who make NNW. Simple and powerful, much like myself.
  4. TextWrangler: A great text editor at a great price (you can't beat free).
  5. Adium: I have to keep in contact with lots of people (I'm so popular) and doing it all in one app is a real time saver (not to mention it keeps my Dock clutter free).
  6. ImageWell: Universal and free, this little image editor is lightweight and fast.
  7. iTunes: I like to listen to my slow jams as I blog.

So, what is on your list of apps that every blogger should have at his or her fingertips?

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