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Blu-ray and HD-DVD markets to exceed $28 billion by 2010

Erik Hanson

The Santa Clara Consulting Group has released a study predicting that in the year 2010, the blue-laser industry will bring in US$ 28 billion. Of course, $13 billion of that will be spent on the content -- movies and games -- but that still leaves $15 billion on hardware sales. The lion's share of that ($6 billion) goes to game consoles, which certainly implies that the PlayStation 3 will be a major driving force in next-generation DVD, despite what some of us say. They also claim that half of the two billion spent in 2006 alone will go to consoles. The report doesn't make any mention of whether HD-DVD or Blu-ray will be the winner in this DVD battle, although with this much income at stake, one can certainly see why the two camps aren't giving up without a fight.

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