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InFocus announces "Work Big" IN42 projector


InFocus recently trotted out its "Work Big" IN42 projector which, as the name makes so plainly obvious, is intended more for the board room than your home theater. The projector pumps out a standard 1024 x 768 resolution at 3,500 lumens, meaning you shouldn't have to force everyone to sit in complete darkness to enjoy your riveting presentations. InFocus is also touting the projector's low 32-decibel noise level as well as its integrated RS232 and RJ45 connections, which'll let you network the unit if you so desire. Inputs come in the form of composite, component, S-Video, VESA, and M1-DA; DVI connectivity is available with the aid of a M1 to DVI cable (apparently not included). Look for this one to drop sometime in the third quarter for $3,299.

[Via TG Daily]

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