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New RP and RP-PvP Servers Today?

Mike D'Anna

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There has been buzz on the forums & in-game for the last day or so about a new Role Play server and, more notably, a new Role Play-PvP server opening either today or tomorrow. I say notably because this will be the first new RP-PvP realm since the opening of Lightninghoof back in the fall, I believe it was.

There has been no announcement yet on the official WoW homepage, but there is a thread regarding the issue on the official Blizzard forums, and the response from the boys in blue when asked if & when the new servers were coming was that "They are currently scheduled for tomorrow (Wed), but that may slip to Thursday". I'd say that sounds like confirmation to me.

I'm an RP-PvP kind of guy, so this is exciting news for me. I'll be rolling Horde on the as-yet unnamed new realm, anyone else planning to?

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