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Street Fighter 2: Mega Ultra $10 edition


I know everyone is excited that Frogger is coming to XBLA today, but let's get this boring Street Fighter II news out of the way first. Street Fighter II -- the one Live Arcade game that nobody is anticipating at all -- will be sold for 800 MS Points, or 10 American dollars. Okay, there. I'm sorry. Here's the real news: Frogger will be sold for a paltry 400 points ($5). Heck, just take a look at the whole list:

  • July 12 - Frogger, 400 points ($5)
  • July 19 - Cloning Clyde, 800 points ($10)
  • July 26 - Galaga, 400 points ($5)
  • August 2 - Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting, 800 points ($10)
  • August 9 - Pac-Man, 400 points ($5)
That's 5 games for $35! Also, the Live Arcade team indicated that Wednesday will become the defacto release day for most Arcade titles. As Joystiq points out, this list may indicate that older games will see a lower price point than their newer cousins with fancy features like "blast processing" and "more than one button."

[Via Joystiq]

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