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Street Fighter II will sell for $10 on Xbox Live

Blake Snow

In addition to its August 2 release date on XBLA, Microsoft and Capcom have confirmed an 800 points, or $10 street price for Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting. The four other classic games to be released will be available at midnight PDT for the following number of points ($):

July 12 - Frogger, 400 points ($5)
July 19 - Cloning Clyde, 800 points ($10)
July 26 - Galaga, 400 points ($5)
August 2 - Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting, 800 points ($10)
August 9 - Pac-Man, 400 points ($5)

So it appears that larger and new titles will be priced around $10 with older games selling for $5, though that has yet to be confirmed. Microsoft reps did say that while they can't guarantee a new Xbox Live game each Wednesday, the day will become the expected launch day for future XBLA games.

[Thanks, Efren]

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