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The Lighter Side of WoW Addiction

Mike D'Anna

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Blizzplanet has a humorous article online about the symptoms...and consequences of WoW addiction. And we're not talking the usual consequences here, like loss of friends, poor eyesight, getting fired from your, some of these folk have created a sort of Darwin awards category for WoW addicts.

Like the surprising number of people who have left a pizza in the oven, only to forget about it in the midst of a WoW session & almost asphyxiate from the smoke (this is apparently now officially known as a "WoW Pizza"). Or kid who almost burned down his parent's house when his TV shorted out & caught fire a few feet behind him but he couldn't hear it for the WoW blasting out of his headphones. Even Blizzard employees apparently aren't safe, as they apparently have a bad habit of letting pastries explode in microwaves wile engrossed in their own game.

If you guys are like me, I know you've done some stupid stuff while playing MMO's. I once managed to spill an entire bowl of boiling-hot soup all over my keyboard while in the midst of a temple fight in Uldaman, rendering it immidiately useless and almost scarring my crotch for life. Fess up; what's the dumbest thing WoW ever made you do?

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