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Japan: PS3, Wii poll comparisons

Blake Snow

Sony and Nintendo can try to differentiate their target markets, but the reality is that their upcoming consoles will still compete against one another. That's obvious, but if recent Japanese anticipation polls say anything, it's that Japanese gamers prefer to wait for the strong PlayStation brand until a "significant PS3 price-drop." In the interim, they could be swooping up Wiis if the console's motion controls and virtual console deliver.

Put on by Otona Fami (a Famitsu publication), the poll solicited the opinions of gamers, retailers, and developers, with gamers having the lowest interest in the PS3 at 16.7% (pictured) and developers with the highest level of interest at 27.3%. Expected launch sales aside, it looks like the Japanese still haven't warmed up to the idea of at least a long-term $500-600 PlayStation console.

[Thanks, pandlcg]

[Update: now with infographics!]

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