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Rollei dx63 Tribute compact digital camera

Darren Murph

The world just had to have one more middle-of-the-road compact digicam, or at least Rollei figured it did. Their upcoming dx63 Tribute's 6.36 megapixel sensor is accompanied by an average 3x optical zoom and the usual worthless 4x digital, as well as 32MB of internal memory, and a SD slot stifled by a 1GB limit. Sure, it can shoot full motion VGA movies at 30fps and utilizes USB 2.0, but even the inclusion of a 3-inch LCD can't make the dx63 Tribute a camera that's not past its prime -- such is the way for a camera company whose pristine brand is tarnished by Chinese ODM after ODM. For those looking for a perfectly mediocre digital camera, the dx63 Tribute will begin shipping this month for €299.

[Via Ubergizmo]

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