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Get pizza, music, and 1000 MS points, free!


Microsoft is hosting one helluva party. Well, to be specific, lots of parties. In celebration of the Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays promotion, Microsoft wants you to throw an Arcade Party. What's more, they'll even give you everything you need: a pizza from Papa John's, free music downloads, and 1000 MS points to download Arcade titles. In return Microsoft wants pictures of your party and an explanation of what you did. Did you turn Frogger into a drinking game? Did one guy eat all the pizza before yakking it up on your 360? You get the idea.

If you'd like to throw an Arcade party on Microsoft's tab, hit them up at: with "Arcade Party" in the subject line. I have no idea how many of these they're giving away so, good luck.

Note to self: turn Frogger into drinking game.

[Thanks, TxdoHawk]

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