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Motorola christens flagship Shanghai outlet

Chris Ziegler

In what might be called a Destination Q with less Q and more David Beckham, Motorola has cut the ribbon on its first "Global Flagship Store" in downtown Shanghai this week. On second thought, it appears any comparison to Destination Q would be doing the new joint a disservice -- the first of four planned for mainland China, Moto's Shanghai outpost offers laser etching, custom phone tattoos, and onsite factory techs for when your MING starts misbehavin'. The store's design is being called "modular," offering the opportunity for smaller stores and kiosks worldwide based on the same concept. Hey guys, we'd be happy to offer you a mulligan on Destination Q if you want to take that flagship of yours and bring the battle with Nokia (fo' reals this time) to your hometown.

[Via Mobiledia]

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