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Religious tract asks: What's next for the iPod guy?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Though many look to His Steveness as some sort of cult leader (or in some more drastic, frightening cases, a deity of sorts), in a recent religious tract Jews for Jesus felt compelled to ask: What's next for the iPod guy? We think it's a little presumptuous a title for the tract -- which as far as we know is actual and real -- to assume he's one way or another when it comes to holiness since his 2004 bout with pancreatic cancer. (Jobs, as you might recall, was raised Lutheran but has long since been influenced by Eastern spirituality.) Besides the backward Apple logo (and their obvious oversight of the whole Garden of Eden implication), at least J4J got most of the basic details about Jobs' history down, including mention of the Reality Distortion Field (illustrated by beaming Jack Chick-inspired heavenly emanations), so you've at least got to hand these guys five points for creativity. Still, something tells us the only thing we can expect to see from the iPod guy in the near future is some biz on Leopard, and maybe some more info on the long-awaited Mac Pros.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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