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Use the Nike + iPod Sport Kit on any shoe with help from a Nike accessory

David Chartier

Now don't think we're just trying to pimp Nike's stuff here because we're getting hookups or something (we have to run out and buy our own kits like anyone else), but TUAW reader Mr. Gaskell recommended a tip that could allow you to use the new iPod Sport Kit with any shoes, without the need for awkward lace tying or unsightly duct tape: Nike makes a small wallet accessory (pictured) called 'Nike Run Shoe Wallet S05' for $10 that attaches to the top of any shoe. It's designed to hold small personal items for a run, such as change, but (as I remember) it's too small even for something like a driver's license, but it should be a perfect fit for the shoe sensor. I'd link to it, but I can't find it anywhere at the Niketown site; I've only seen it in a brick and mortar Niketown store. I'm sure they're also available elsewhere on the web, such as eBay or in similar forms from competitors.

I have no idea if the kit is still accurate when attaching it with an accessory like this, but we're receiving reports that people are having success with jury-rigging the sensor to their shoes with the aforementioned unique lace tying and duct taping techniques; using something like this wallet doesn't sound like your results should be any different. Any readers out there try this yet?

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