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New Justice For All interview, and the single greatest accessory of all time

Jason Wishnov

Phoenix Wright: Justice For All
is probably the most anticipated game for the collective DS Fanboy staff. As such, when an interview arises filled with such ambiguity and non-commital statements that would make the current presidency green with envy, we still post with glee, hanging on every word. Though the interview fails to reveal much about gameplay, some interesting views on the game's creation process and audience differences are revealed. Certainly worth a read...

...but the real treat here, folks, is found on the second page of the interview. Those lucky enough to be attending the annual San Diego Comic-Con will not only be able to try out the English build of the game, but also have the ability to obtain a specialized DS stylus shaped like Phoenix Wright's finger. Move over, Power Glove. Stand aside, Rez Vibrator. This is the single greatest accessory in video gaming history. San..San Diegans? San Diegoans? San DiegAAAns. If you attend this event, do yourself a favor. Pick up a part of gaming history...and grab us a few, too.

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