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Nintendo Wiimote details emerge

Blake Snow

Some new information on Nintendo's forthcoming Wiimote have surfaced over the weekend from Wii developer documentation obtained by IGN. Here are the goods:

  • Controller will use AA batteries.
  • Battery life to last 30-60 hours.
  • Will use Bluetooth on a 2.4GHz bandwith to communicate with the console.
  • Features 6KB of "non-volatile" memory, possibly for speaker?
  • Uses a SYNCHRO button to identify Wii controllers that can be used with the console.
  • LEDs show which player is communicating with the console and illustrate battery life.
  • A built-in rumble motor can be turned on or off.
A Nintendo rep also PR'd IGN with the following statement: "There are many details that we've divulged about the console, but there is also more to learn." Console manufactures have had us talking about console specs for years, but Nintendo has seemingly changed the trend to controllers. So will this thing bounce if dropped? The speculation is killing us!

[Thanks to all that sent this in]

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