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The Future of the Horde?


Fellow Troll Silvertusk points out the growing dissatisfaction of Horde players, which has only become louder since the 1.12 patch notes arrived on the scene. After being told by CM Eyonix that no changes were being made for shamans in patch 1.12, the patch notes say otherwise - the windfury totem receives an additional change this patch which allows it only to proc off normal melee attacks. Estimates on how bad this change will be range wildly, but Eyonix responds that the change was felt necessary because the burst damage of those under its effect was simply too high. But many shamans, and Horde players in general, are taking the change hard - seeing it as the last straw against those who were attempting to PvE on the Horde side. And, while many will respond instantly that the Alliance are better at PvE and the Horde are better at PvP, the continued changes make some wonder whether end-game raid content is something Horde can do at all.

And, before you say "Go PvP and QQ more noob!" it may be worth taking a look at this post - which provides a serious and well-reasoned comparison of the ability of Horde and Alliance raids. If you've only played Alliance - or if you've only played Horde! - it's worth having a look at how the other side works.

[Fan art by Romain De Santi]

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