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TV calibration expert Joe Kane's take on high-def video formats

Matt Burns

Joe Kane is one of the world's foremost expert on TV calibration (Think Digital Video Essentials) and was recently interviewed about calibration and the high-def format war. The first half of the the video interview is all about calibration and if you can sit through the somewhat European content, (and bad camera zooms) it does become worth your while. He is stating that Blu-ray is all about greed. Why? Because they are using MPEG-2. He is basing this opinion on personal experiences of demoing VC-1 and MPEG-2 where not a single person failed to see the differences. We don't know if Joe is making any money on HD DVD or VC-1 (like Major Nelson) but it doesn't seem likely. This is just a man that is expressing his personal experiences on the subject.

Check it out.

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