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A Cartoon Network MMO for Spring 2008

Ross Miller

Cartoon Network is bringing its IPs into the online world with its own MMO title. Developed by Seoul-based Grigon Entertainment (Seal Online), the game is confirmed to feature characters from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Ben 10, and Kids Next Door. The game will be free to download, but subscriptions and micro-transactions will be "available to players to enhance the gaming experience." Cartoon Network will launch the title, it hopes, in Spring of 2008.

This deal is smart for both companies: Cartoon Network gets an established developer to create a franchise title that may actually be fun, while Grigon Entertainment will get some exposure in the United States -- a market in which Grigon currently has no presence.

If this works out, how about someone make an Adult Swim MMOG? It'd be great, where you could make your own food-related avatar and have Brock teach you 3 million ways to kill a 12 oz. mouse.

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