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Lowrance announces budget iWay 250c

Darren Murph

If the maze of budget navigation units has you all turned around, you probably haven't even looked in Lowrance's direction; while primarily known for it's aquatic endeavors, the iWay GPS nav systems are formidable alternatives to more familiar names like TomTom and Garmin. The affordable iWay 250c has a meager 3.5-inch 320 x 240 touch-screen display, NAVTEQ maps, adjustable white LED backlighting, and just for kicks, completes a trifecta of functions by acting as a JPEG viewer and MP3 player. You won't, however, have the luxury of a hard drive, as the SD slot is your only storage option. While on your merry way, expect detailed turn-by-turn guidance via on-screen alerts and the obligatory robotic voice cues. The iWay 250c is certainly not laced with features, unlike its tricked-out sibling, but priced at $349.99 it'll cost you less than half as much.

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