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PS3 begins production in Taiwan

According to Chinese-language outlets Apple Daily and Commercial Times, Taiwanese manufacturer Asustek Computer began shipping PlayStation 3 consoles in "small volume" in early July. The papers report Asustek recieved 200,000 component sets in June, inferring Asus could have produced as many as 200,000 consoles. As production ramps up, additional manufacturers (FoxConn) will be added to receive the more than one million component sets suppliers hope to deliver per month in September and October.

Sony plans to deliver 2mln PS3 consoles during the "launch window," 4mln by the end of 2006, and 6mln by March '07. In comparison, Microsoft had hoped to sell 10mln Xbox 360 consoles within the first 12 to 16 months giving them a 2.5x larger install base by the beginning of next year. Sony's numbers are looking good if they can meet the torrent of demand this holiday.

[Thanks to everyone for the tips; via X-bit Labs]

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